The Tejada Domain

The Tejada Domain

A project which aims to provide sub-domains for to developers or anyone in tech.

The TLD .dev is a new just for developers. It comes with built-in security requiring All HTTP requests to be secured by default. Anyone can register a .dev domain from Google. I have registered and I am offering the subdomains to anyone, ideally in the Tejada family, that wants one. For example, you can claim and have it load your existing site securely via HTTPS or redirect to any URL of your choosing.

New requests are no longer been accepted.
Request your domain

Start your domain request by providing your first and last name. In the following steps you will be able to select an available domain and its purpose.


  • Sub-domain is free.
  • SSL for HTTPS included.
  • No renewal or maintenance.
  • Support for redirecting to any URL.
  • Support for serving your personal site with a CNAME record.